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Working Harder for Less?

Posted: 20th September 2010 by David Saint-Onge in 1
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The word ‘politics’ comes from the Latin term ‘poli’ meaning ‘many’, and ticks, the American term for ‘blood-sucking insects’.  In many ways, politics is impeding the recovery of the American economy and is the underlying reason why many small business owners will work harder for less over the next several quarters (if not years). In [...]

The Secret Business Killer

Posted: 17th September 2010 by David Saint-Onge in 1

Have you ever taken time to seriously reflect on how much your life has changed over the past 25 years?  You no doubt remember the shuffling Chicago Bears, led by quarterback Jim McMahon, as they used William ‘the Refrigerator’ Perry to slam their way to a Super Bowl victory.  Or maybe the debut of the [...]

Uncertainty Kills Intuition, Invention, and Investment

Posted: 19th August 2010 by David Saint-Onge in 1

It wasn’t long ago we laid witness to a business crucifixion.  Once the world’s largest insurer, American International Group, Inc. (AIG) paid $165 million in controversial executive bonuses.  This action was met with a national outcry.  In subsequent weeks AIG asked its employees to return the bonuses and Congress laid the groundwork for a punitive [...]